Dear Dr. Warren,

I’m wanting it is possible to help me to. I have never really had problems fulfilling women seaking men and heading out on times, but after about a month or two, I’ve found myself personally getting jealous of some other men, plus it merely gets worse from that point. Initially she will believe its types of cute, it turns out to be an actual issue. A woman I absolutely appreciated recently broke up with me on it, and it also tossed me personally because I thought we’d outstanding thing going. In your experience, is jealousy something that can go out over time because of the proper person, or is it my personal character are like this?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Many thanks for the outstanding concern. To begin with, i wish to commend you for acknowledging a behavior in your self you’ve seen is affecting your relationships negatively. Next, I additionally should ensure you that jealousy is a thing you’ll be able to work with such that it does not have in the future between both you and somebody you’ve got strong thoughts for.

In other words, envy is a destructive emotion that may arise in several types of scenarios. With regards to takes place in romantic relationships and it is directed toward others who interact with your partner, it signals a fear about losing your lover to a potential opponent. That concern is often rooted in some form of insecurity you have about your self in terms of the item of your envy. Getting envious of exactly who your partner interacts with can be an indication of low self-esteem.

John, step one to overcoming envy would be to realize your own reasons, so I want you to have some for you personally to remember the way you see yourself—both great attributes and not-so-good characteristics.

Very first consider your greatest traits as well as the places that you know your the majority of proud of. In your greatest time if you decide to describe the many good attributes, what would you say? Sometimes it is a good idea to additionally ask an in depth buddies or members of the family how they view you, as well, given that they may be the supply of a lot more objective info. When it assists, try creating a listing.

After that, i really want you to give some thought to the insecurities which you have about yourself plus life. It can be tough to have a look at these correctly, but it is vital that you know that envy begins first with an overly bad self-judgment. This unfavorable view will be when compared to a perception of some other who you judge are better than you somehow. These “better-than/less-than” comparisons result in the many harm to you truly prior to starting to harm your connections with others.

Whenever jealous ideas come to be jealous behaviors connections are broken. It might probably start as a cold shoulder or dirty appearance, but quickly escalates and erupts in negative reviews and accusations toward your spouse by herself, even though she has completed nothing wrong. By misjudging your spouse’s commitment fidelity or stability, you might be inadvertently disrespecting their. In healthier relationships, both associates decide to get with the mate—it is a choice—and trust is the bond that keeps them collectively and helps to keep damaging envy out of the picture.

Next time you’re faced with a situation by which jealous feelings toward another guy beginning to arise, i really want you accomplish the immediate following:



Jealousy is something that you can conquer so that you can start to enjoy more happy plus romantic relationships with ladies. Keep in mind that while couple of would believe there’s nothing such as the comfort of knowing our very own companion “belongs” to us, the stark reality is that individuals “belong” to each and every other—by choice. Jealous behavior is also a choice, however it is among control. By taking actions to overcome envy inside connections, you certainly will surrender the necessity to take control of your lover to fulfill your very own anxiety, and you will also free your self from the all-consuming grip of jealousy that controls you.

Let us know how you would.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren